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Exceeding Your Expectations...



- The Fine Print -




All sales are guaranteed for 7 days (except for DOA's). Deposits are nonrefundable. There are a number of circumstances beyond my control once your animal arrives and is introduced to your collection and husbandry methods. I will be unable to offer a refund beyond that time frame.


All animals are shipped next day via FedEx, using ShipYourReptiles. I will not use any other service. The buyer pays shipping unless otherwise stated. Live arrival is only guaranteed when shipped FedEx hub to FedEx hub. If you request an animal arrive at your door, the live arrival guarantee is void.  If an animal does arrive DOA (due to shipping, and the animal was shipped hub to hub within the time frames agreed upon), then I must be notified within 3 hours of delivery for the guarantee to be honored. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Please email me at:
godboldexotics AT gmail DOT com


Payments are accepted via Paypal ONLY. I will send you an invoice. Please email payment to godboldexotics AT gmail DOT com. Once payment is made via PayPal, there will be a 48 hr hold on all PayPal payments moving forward (since I’ve gotten scammed twice). Reach out via pm or text: 904-434-3926.


I guarantee the sex of the animal for 7 days. Beyond that, it's no longer my responsibility. I do my best and am rarely wrong on sexing, but mistakes do happen on occasion. If the sex is wrong within that 7 days, I'll offer a credit towards a future purchase or take the animal back. "Probable male or female" is NOT a sex guarantee.